Frame Montana
Classic for Everyone

The first impression of the “classic”
can be misinterpreted

as being ”difficult”,
“heavy” or “expensive.”

However, Specs Montana aims to offer
“classic” concept

that is reasonable
and easy-to-access.

For those who have hesitated
to try the classic eyewear

due to reasonable prices
and various line-ups,

this will be the best option.

Modern Vintage

Based on Frame Montana's DNA,

a harmonious combination
of the French eyewear’s beautiful curves

and American eyewear’s simplicity
and efficiency, Specs Montana provides

various reinterpretations of the style
to expand the customer’s choice.

Optimal Balance & Design

We demonstrate products
with perfect balance and completion

by further developing
the knowledge we have accumulated

through collecting vintage eyewear

and operating Frame Montana.

Also, we pursue the supreme
aesthetic value by preparing

a variety of sizes
and colors that are specific

for each style and model.

Best Quality Material

We utilize the luxurious color
and pattern from Mazzucchelli acetate,

strong quality of Takiron acetate,

and the lightweight
and well-fitting characteristics
of titanium and metal.

The high-end quality products
produced in Sabae, Japan

and the excellent balance
of Frame Montana meet together

to result in the best product.

100 people 1 piece

In pursuit of popularity,

we would like to be a brand
that sells one product
to a hundred customers

instead of selling a hundred products
to a single customer.

E-commerce Pioneer

Conventionally, customers had to
visit offline stores

so that they could try on
the eyewear before purchasing.

Thanks to technological advancement,

however, we will introduce online tools

— such as augmented reality
and artificial intelligence —

that can be alternatives
to the conventional method.

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